Have you got a great idea for a song but have hit a creative block or simply lack the tools to help you realise its full potential? We’ve all been there and sometimes all it takes is another pair of ears to help elevate your project to the next level.

Having worked on music production in a wide range of genres for a number of years, I am happy to lend production assistance to an existing song or to create a backing track from the ground up. Whilst my production expertise allows me to cater for a diverse range of music styles, I have extensive experience in the following genres:

  • Electronic
  • Hip-Hop and Rap
  • Industrial
  • Metal and Rock
  • Soundtrack – suitable for film, TV and video games

My production techniques are predominantly electronic, utilising high-end virtual instruments from companies such as Native Instruments and Heavyocity, but I also have access to talented session musicians for any live elements that may be required.

All production work is tailored to your requirements, so please get in touch to discuss a potential project and receive a quote.

Please have a listen to some examples of my recent production work…

Electronic/Alternative Sample – “Start at the Beginning” by John Gilmour Smith

For more examples of original productions and remixes, please visit my Soundcloud and Indaba Music pages.